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Since 1996, TPS has developed and produced industrial washing machines. One of the strengths of the TPS manufacturing team is developing solutions customized to the needs and requirements of our customers and manufacturing them entirely in the 2000 m² production halls.

Cleaning solutions for small drill and router parts that weigh only a grams up to large batches for the resin industry weighing 40 tons or long components, such as long frame rails up to 12 meters in length, are available in our manufacturing catalog, thanks to the high level of our internal manufacturing capabilities.

TPS not only creates individual cleaning technology but can also provide you a complete solution with linkages, platforms and handling of components.

Continuous Washing Machines

Booth Washing Machines

Tank Washing Machine

Immersion Washing Machine

De-flashing Machine
Typical Characteristics of All TPS Washing Systems include:

° Complete systems made of non-rusting, corrosion-resistant steel
° Smooth-surfaced, transparent, flexible shapes
° Ideal accessibility to all system components
° Process techniques that save water and energy with fully insulated systems
° Low noise and heat emissions
° Smooth integration into operational conveyor systems
° The most modern technology for measuring, controlling and regulating the results
° Self-cleaning features for washing system for the food industry
° Customization to customer requirements